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Planning Process

Planning is part of your everyday life. Vacations, weddings, parties – all are events you’ve taken time and effort to prepare for and organize. Your retirement should be no different … so, take just one hour to PlanStronger.

Retirement Planning Services

It is important to us that you feel comfortable with all the information provided as part of your retirement plan. One way to do this is for you to fully understand the products and services we offer. At Holland Financial we are not just planners, we are also educators. We believe each meeting is an opportunity to teach, and we always use easy-to-understand terminology and analogies.

In most cases, our process includes the five steps listed below, though some clients will not need all the meetings. Holland Financial doesn’t pick the same products for everyone. Our process is individualized, unhurried and very deliberate. Most importantly, we uphold a fiduciary standard by choosing products with your best interests in mind.

Retirement Planning Process

  1. Our Interview and Consultation is all about getting to know each other. David Holland feels strongly about educating our clients from day one. This includes giving you information about who we are and what we do. You will become acquainted with the services and products we offer for retirement planning. David will talk to you about your needs and goals … and most importantly, he will really listen.

    Additionally, your completed Confidential Questionnaire and supporting financial statements help us know you better, and are the starting point for your plan. These items, which we will review at this first meeting, will assist us in determining how we can be of service to you.

  2. Once our planning team has thoroughly evaluated the information you’ve provided, a Financial Analysis is prepared and we are ready to meet again.

    The Financial Analysis is a snapshot of where you are today. We look at the Morningstar® ratings of your investment holdings, how your assets are allocated, your level of risk, and if you are paying too much in fees. Our analysis examines each component of your current portfolio to determine if improvements can be made. If everything is fine as it is, we will tell you so.

  3. At our Retirement Planning & Recommendations meeting, we will present you with your customized Retirement DreamBuilderSM Plan. This full-color, bound booklet (produced in-house) contains the options and approaches we believe will help improve your individual financial situation. Your custom Plan may include:

    • Investment Recommendations - Our Investment Recommendations utilize carefully selected funds that are well-rated by Morningstar®. We believe strongly in diversification, and our recommendations will reflect that belief. Your comfort level is a paramount consideration -- whether you prefer a conservative strategy, an aggressive one, or something in between. We will discuss the selected strategy, how it should perform in various economic cycles, and potential risk exposure.

    • Annuity and Insurance Product Recommendations - Annuity and insurance products allow for principal protection and a fixed income stream. There are many types of products to choose from, and we are committed to offering the ones that make the most sense for you. You will be given written materials on the carrier and rating, and a full brochure detailing product information.

    • Income Projections - When thinking about retirement planning, often a major concern is, "how much income can I expect?” The Income Projections portion of your plan answers that question, with realistic estimates that factor in inflation and your expectations about longevity. We also show you different scenarios to account for varying interest rates, market conditions and life changes you may experience (such as the unexpected loss of a spouse).

  4. At Implementation, we prepare all the paperwork necessary to put your Retirement DreamBuilderSM Plan into place. No need to worry about the details, we take care of everything, including closely monitoring the set-up of your new account(s).

  5. That’s all there is to it! You have taken the steps necessary to PLANSTRONGER™. Welcome to Holland Financial – the last firm we hope you’ll ever need! The final meeting in the process, the New Client Orientation, will introduce you to the rest of our exceptional team. You will also be presented with a binder and CD that contain your policy(s), advisory agreement, and paperwork.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.


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