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Insurance Services

A complete financial plan can often incorporate insurance products to serve a variety of purposes, including to: deliver a steady income stream throughout retirement, protect money that is not invested in the stock market, defer income taxation on earnings, provide for dependents/heirs, or to address the costs of long-term care services. You may be realizing for the first time that your current plan is lacking one of these key components. If appropriate to your situation, we will show you how one or more insurance-based products can lessen overall risk and instill a level of confidence that you may not have experienced prior to meeting with us.


Income Strategies

The lifeline of a retirement plan is a steady source of lasting income. Our plans include income strategies which consider unforeseen life events (the death of a spouse and need for long-term care), market fluctuations, and inflation. The overall purpose of our plans is to see that our clients' financial needs are addressed, and that the recommendations we have prepared are flexible enough to respond to changing circumstances.

Protection Planning

While the stock market can be a great hedge against inflation, we are mindful that it can also be a source of tremendous stress and risk to a retirement nest egg. Often we meet with individuals and couples who have too much of their money in the stock market. This is where we can offer a fresh perspective because we prepare recommendations that provide income and allow for growth, but also offer protection from unpredictable market events.


An annuity is a type of insurance product which is designed to provide income during retirement. Money is invested into an annuity, and in return, at a specified time in the future, the annuity will provide income to an individual or couple. There are several factors that will determine the size and frequency of these payments.

There are two types of annuities: deferred and immediate. A deferred annuity will accumulate money until the time when you are ready to begin withdrawing. With an immediate annuity you take withdrawals right away. Within these two groups, annuities can either be fixed or variable. A fixed annuity pays a guaranteed rate of interest, while a variable annuity pays based on performance tied to a selection of investments. There are also index annuities that offer interest linked to the stock market, but with downside protection.

Long-Term Care Insurance

We understand it is hard to think about the possibility that you, or your spouse, may one day have to rely on others for the activities of daily living. But, it is just another good reason to have the right plan in place. We can incorporate long-term care funding measures into your plan that will provide for nursing home care, home healthcare, or assisted living, should you require any of those services in the future.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is something everyone should consider. You have built a legacy that should be preserved, protected, and passed on. Your estate plan is specific to your situation, so a variety of legal documents may be needed: a will, power of attorney, living will, and in some cases, a trust.

David Holland is a Certified Trust Financial Advisor. He can serve as a personal trustee, or can be listed as a successor trustee, on certain types of trusts. If a client becomes incapacitated or dies with these arrangements in place, David assumes the role of trustee to ensure the estate is properly managed for the benefit of his client and the beneficiaries. Our clients can be comforted with the knowledge that their final wishes are carried out through our continued management and sound stewardship of their assets.

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