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To minimize risk to assets while still allowing for growth, we create balanced plans which may include: CDs, money market funds, stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds. With service that is professional, practical and personalized, our highly-skilled team provides well-researched investment management using a range of strategies based on risk tolerance.

We believe the stock market can be a great source for growth and a hedge against inflation. We also realize it can cause tremendous risk to your financial well-being, which is why our advisory team focuses on research in order to find appropriate avenues to invest your money. We are sensitive to every investor's risk tolerance and have developed four strategies ranging from conservative to aggressive. Your accounts are closely monitored and any changes are communicated to you through monthly custodial statements and personal annual or bi-annual reviews. Holland Advisory Services is here for you.

Our Investment Philosophy Is Solid Ground for Your Investment Management

Because of evolving dynamics in the financial markets, we believe that a more proactive approach to investment management is necessary to achieve the long-term returns a client desires. With our managed accounts, we construct a series of model portfolios, choose the most appropriate for each client's investment needs, and continually monitor that portfolio using market measurement and analytical techniques. We evaluate market trends and economic cycles while maintaining acceptable risk tolerance levels.

Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory are the ideologies we use as the cornerstones for our managed accounts.

Asset Allocation is the process of selecting a mix of asset classes and the efficient allocation of capital to those assets by matching rates of return to a specified and quantifiable tolerance for risk. We have developed four strategies that are used as Asset Allocation guidelines in designing a client's portfolio. Each model consists of "target" asset allocations in up to nine different asset classes, and diversified into at least twelve different sectors of the market in order to minimize sector and industry risk. By spreading money among a variety of investments, as opposed to investing in just one, a more prudent approach to asset management is created.

Modern Portfolio Theory is the analysis of a portfolio of stocks as opposed to selecting stocks based on their unique investment opportunity. The objectives of Modern Portfolio Theory are to determine a client's preferred level of risk and then construct a portfolio that maximizes their expected return for such risk.

Our Investment Strategies

The Conservative Income Strategy (low risk) seeks to preserve a portfolio's value by investing primarily in lower risk securities such as fixed income, money market, and mutual funds whose goal it is to minimize negative returns. To add diversification, a small allocation of equities is also included.

The Balanced Income Strategy (medium risk) seeks both capital appreciation and current income, but places a greater emphasis on income. It invests in a combination of money market funds, fixed income securities and equities.

The Growth Strategy (high risk) primary goal is capital appreciation. Generation of income from the portfolio will be a secondary concern. The portfolio asset allocation consists of cash, a diversified equity allocation, and fixed income exposure in an attempt to temper volatility.

The Tactical Growth Strategy (high risk) seeks to take advantage of market cycles and economic conditions by hedging, shorting, overweighting or underweighting asset classes that may add return or reduce loss based on the economic environment. The portfolio asset allocation uses a mix of equities, fixed income, commodities and cash. A portion of the portfolio is used for individual stocks and various ETF strategies. It is designed to maximize long-term returns while minimizing short-term loss.


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